2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Reliability

2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Reliability

2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Reliability - Ford made the indicated diversion utility truck in 2001, when it exhibited the Explorer Sport Trac—the first amusement utility vehicle with the four full passages and a pickup truck's heap box—and revealed the second-time SUT in Detroit. 

The new Ford Explorer Sport Trac thought is just about five inches longer and two crawls more far reaching than the current Sport Trac, and it sits two inches lower. The cut down stance is accentuated by colossal 21-crawl, 10-spoke aluminum wheels with a gunmetal fulfillment and custom Goodyear tires. "We required the Explorer Sport Trac thought to knock some individuals' socks off and to accommodate it 'street cred'," said J Mays, group VP, Global Design. "This thought is as at home in a urban environment as it is pulling surf sheets to the shoreline. Versatility is—and will continue being what Sport Trac is about." within is moreover a tribute to the street shaft look and feel. With two segments of seating, nature is essential and momentum with a two-tone inward part included Light Ice blue and Midnight maritime energy materials and trim. 

2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Reliability
2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Reliability

The Explorer Sport Trac Reliability thought is filled by a 4.6-liter V-8 engine and contrivances a free back suspension got from the Explorer. Portage touts security in its trucks, and the Sport Trac thought runs down the gloating with Roll Stability Control advancement, which gets the probability of a rollover inside milliseconds, characteristically enthralling counter measures to help the driver keep up most amazing control and further reduce the risk of rollover. 

2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Reliability

2003 Specifications 

Body Style = 4-Door SUV 


EPA Class = suv 
Drivetrain Layout = rear- or four-wheel drive 
Engine Type = 4.0l V-6, iron square besides aluminum heads 
Valvetrain = sohc, 2 valves each barrel 
Bore/Stroke (in/mm) = 3.95 x 3.32/ 100.33 x 84.33 
Evacuation (cu in/cc) = 245/4015 
Weight Ratio = 9.7:1 
Pull @ rpm = 210 @ 5200 
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm = 240 @ 3000 
Redline = 6000 
Recommended Fuel = 87 octane (minimum) 
Fuel System = sequential multi-port electronic fuel mixture (SEFI) 
Oil Capacity with channel (quarts)
Coolant Capacity (quarts) 14 
Transmission 5-speed manual overdrive 
5-speed modified overdrive 
Last Drive Ratio = 3.73:1 standard, 4.10:1 optional 


Front (4×2/ 4×4) = independent SLA, torsion bars, gas shocks and stabilizer bars 
Back (4×2/ 4×4) = leaf springs, gas shocks additionally stabilizer bars 
Directing Type = power rack-and-pinion 
Extent (Overall) = 17.5:1 
Turns lock-to-lock 3.3 
Turning Circle, Control to-Curb (ft) 43.1 
Brakes (structure type) front and back plate with ABS 
Front 12 x 1 in, vented circle 
Rear 12 x 0.5 in, circle 
Out and out Swept Area (f/r) (sq in) 222.5/ 188.0 

Wheels and Tires 

Wheels 16×7-in 3-spoke argent steel, 16×7-in 5-spoke aluminum "Eyebrow", 16×7-in breathtaking cast aluminum, 16×7-in 5-spoke aluminum "Thumbprint," steel save 
Tires p235 70r16 A/S BSW, P235 70r16 A/S OWL, P255 70r16 A/T OWL 

External surface 

Wheelbase 125.9 
Track f/r 58.5/ 58.3 
General Length 205.9 
General Width 71.8 
Width Between Wheelwells 41.2 
General Height (4×2/4×4) 70.5/ 70.4 
Frontal Area (sq ft) 28.2 
Coefficient of drag 0.43 
Ground clearance 6.7 
Front overhang 34.6 
Back overhang 45.4 
Plot of philosophy (4×2/4×4) 26.7 
Slant breakover point (4×2/4×4) 22.3 
Flight point (back monitor) (4×2/4×4) 23.1 

Inside Dimensions 

in the first place row 39.4 
second row 38.7 

Shoulder room 
in the first place row 56.3 
second row 56.9 

Hip room 
in the first place row 53.0 
second row 52.7 

Most prominent legroom 
in the first place row 42.4 
second row 37.8 

Fuel tank size (gallons) 22.5 
Base Curb Weight (POUNDS) 

4.0l/manual 4×2 Xls 4139 
4.0l/manual 4×4 Xls 4352 
4.0l/auto 4×2 Xlt 4128 
4.0l/auto 4×4 Xlt 4342 
Towing Class Rating class II standard, Class III w/weight distr. hitch 

Most noteworthy Payload Capacity (POUNDS) 

Manual transmission 
4×2 Xls 1500 
4×4 Xls 1480 

Customized transmission 
4×2 Xlt 1560 
4×4 Xlt 1520 

Most noteworthy Towing Capacity (POUNDS) 

4.0l/manual 4×2 Xls 2740 
4.0l/manual 4×4 Xls 2520 
4.0l/auto 4×2 Xlt 5300 
4.0l/auto 4×4 Xlt 5080 

Manual 7000 
Automatic 9600 

4×2 2710 
4×4 2900 

Back GAWR 
4×2 & 4×4 3200

4×2 5660
4×4 5840