2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van Review

2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van Review

2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van Review
2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van Review

2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van Review - Ford 's all-new 2014 Transit Connect has broken cover in front of its landing in American showrooms amid the first quarter of 2014. Enormous changes to the TC business van mean it now offers a long-wheelbase variant and an Ecoboost force redesign. The new model's efficiency is relied upon to effortlessly best 30 mpg on the boulevard, with base evaluating around quietly $23,000. 

The Transit Connect now comes in business or traveler flavors, with the traveler model called the TC Wagon and the board van called the Cargo. This new era of Transit Connect accumulates a real update inner part solace and innovation, while additionally bringing a somewhat cool kid racer picture to the TC Cargo's boxy styling. 

Period of time journey tallness as well as lively nasal include the primary circumstances to get that promotion, as well as both are a quantum leap while watching stretching nasal from the existing designs. Still some sort of front-drive arrangement, the actual Transit Connect Cargo right now features twin slipping entrances as well as a decision of tailgate programs. Inside the adjustable back taxi, an expansive hop in reasonableness implies both more cubic-feet of space and a much more noteworthy payload than at any other time in recent memory offered before on the Transit Connect. 

Outer surface

The outline of the most recent Ford Transit Connect takes utilitarian van extents and includes a bit of liveliness. In advance, the guard level trapezoidal grille is much more content than the attached unique grille/guard combo. 

The back ribbed guards for the past TC likewise offer approach to streaming and smooth body-color medications in front and back - as standard. Dark plastic still shows up on knock strips in the entryways, and the TC Wagon 's standard foglights are not introduce on the Cargo van. 

Notwithstanding running essential halogen reflectors, the headlights are contemporary and gimmick a coordinated cutting edge marker at the base of the get together. It looks chic and much better than the befuddled front lamp show up on the first Transit Connect. To the border and in portrait, the TC Cargo keeps the Wagon's colossal front glass and adjusted mid-stature top alternative. This top tallness is the best of all planets for reasonableness, air smoothness and – pant – style. 

2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van XL LWB 4dr
2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van XL LWB 4dr

The adjusted top and front guards look a bit like a current Volkswagen transport. Like the board VW vans, the TC associate keeps the molding of the body sides where glass would regularly sit. It looks lively when consolidated with the LED taillights and particularly with a business logo realistic as an afterthought. 

Passage Commercial Graphics is prepared for a surge of custom Transit Connect Cargo vans, utilizing their most recent online outline apparatus. A great many preloaded( (or client transferred) illustrations, subjects, pictures, compositions and whatever else might be available can be specially crafted as an issue vehicle wrap – and requested right from the production line! Utilizing some of Ford's specimen workmanship.

There are a couple of less tasteful configuration examines in the underneath display, in the same way as the matte neon green wrap that will make your head blast. 


The 2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo is significantly more liveable for 2014, with a great new front lodge that now incorporates Focus-like multifunction control cushions on the directing wheel. These control the twin data screens and the standard aux-in jack to play tunes from gadgets progressing. 

An one of a kind alternative on the 2014 Transit Connect Cargo Review is a center line of seats. Most TC Cargo's will come as two-seaters - yet including the alternative is a pleasant touch for some purchaser needs. Behind that second column is still a monstrous payload hold, yet less protection and solace than in the again of the TC Wagon .

2014 Ford Transit Connect Interior
2014 Ford Transit Connect Interior

All TC Cargo models accompany double sliding entryways and side-pivoted freight entryways in the back. The blend makes the TC Cargo massively adaptable for stacking and emptying in tight regions. The board van's payload entryways swing out well past the sides of the van for a wide and additional tall entrance into the freight hold. 

Different prebuilt stockpiling arrangements will be offered, including cupboards and a side rail racking framework. As a feature of the Ford business armada, the TC Cargo can be furnished with the organization's Crew Chief remote vehicle diagnostics and benefit following. This electronic interface can be exceptionally useful for directing the closest representative to a dire bundle pick-up, for instance. 

SYNC voice control is incorporated in the TC Cargo to stay in contact with the supervisor out and about, and the Myford Touch infotainment may make the alternatives list shockingly. Including route into the Myford Touch controls would absolutely make an armada of joyfully entertained drivers. 


The 2.5-liter four-barrel is the base motor, creating 175 drive for an expected 9.5 second 0-to-60 mph run. The more diminutive motor is really the update: this minimal 1.6-liter Ecoboost makes comparable force levels however is much quick in all every day driving. The Ecoboost 1.6-liter choice is anticipated to convey 178 drive (only three additional) however delivers a great deal more torque at a much lower rev check – making the auto feel all the more effective. 

The Ecoboost motor likewise conveys some surprising potential mileage figures. In light of how these motors perform in the 2014 Ford Fusion, the Transit Connect Wagon may have the capacity to hit the mid 30's for its expressway EPA mileage rating. 

Passage is performing last changes to guarantee a decent harmony in the middle of mileage and force, yet the motors won't fall much from the underneath force gauges. 

The new 2.5-liter I-4 motor in the 2014 Ford Transit Connect is accessible with a CNG/LPG Gaseous Engine Prep Package that makes it equipped for transformation to CNG/LPG fuel frameworks. This bundle incorporates solidified admission valves, valve seats and bi-fuel complex. 

Once changed over, the Transit Connect can consistently switch in the middle of gas and CNG, put away in a different tank. This is liable to be prominent on the business TC Cargo vehicles, just about multiplying the most extreme conceivable extent. 

The max payload of the TC Cargo is guaranteed at over 1600 pounds, and the auto is guaranteed to tow up to 2000 pounds. Last details from Ford as they get to be accessible closer to launch.

2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van Review


It simply looks energetic and forceful, even on shabby wheel covers and without any xenon or LED illuminating front. 

The adjusted and slashed outline works shockingly better on the TC Cargo than it does on the TC Wagon , with the Cargo van looking especially cool from the back. 

Matching the style upgrade is a tremendously enhanced inner part that at last brings some intriguing infotainment choices to the dedicated business driver portion. When its all said and done, if anybody merits a decent iphone hookup and Sirius satellite radio - it is gentlemen who use 10 hours consecutively planted in that Ford pail seat. 

Enhanced looks, enhanced lodge outline and burden space. What's cleared out? The motors. Passage appears as though it has this section ruled with another Ecoboost alternative and standard six-rate autoboxes for all. 

Among armada administrators and new businesses apparently equivalent, the Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van shows a popular and snappy approach to hold fuel expenses down — and new customer charging up! 

The wellbeing of the Transit Connect is not yet demonstrated by testing by the NHTSA and IIHS, yet different vehicles with this imparted structural planning bring top security imprints and supplies. 

Simply ponder your Ford Commercial Graphics wrap before requesting - or you could lament that neon shade in a couple of years. 

Evaluating of the Transit Connect is not yet accessible from Ford, however the TC Cargo will in the first quarter of 2014. 

Taking into account the opposition, past evaluating and offering of the TC Cargo, the anticipated base cost of the short-wheelbase model is $22,900 and up to $23,900 for the LWB.